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Management Perspective 

Here at Tesla, we are always asking ourselves “what does our client need ?.” It is a simple but we fully understand that it is a difficult question. We are constantly answering this question by capitalizing on every signal experience that we have with a client. Based on our previous experience, we identified four needs: the need for elegance and the need for customer service, the need for quality and the need for affordability.  By addressing these four needs, we know that Tesla will be a partner for life and a shining light in every step of the way.


Launch in 2004 with a vision to brighten every wall,alley and building with products of the highest taste and elegance combined with solid lighting expertise and elegance,appealing to those eyes that lust for beauty.

Tesla started as a local company with a global perspective that is always in the midst of the latest designs and trends.

At Tesla we are ambitious,exceptional with a promise to brighten your world without dimming your finances.


We all seek elegance and beauty in the places that we are trying to lighten up. However we are often faced with making compromises due to budget constraints so we can either satisfy our taste or our wallets. The market in Sudan was in dire need for a lighting expert with a consumer perspective.

 In 2004 Tesla was built with the sole intention to bridge elegance and finance so making a compromise is a thing of the past. Tesla will provide lighting beauty that suits your taste without putting a dent on your wallet. Once you step into Tesla land you will find that all your lighting dreams will become an instant reality with the all the different products that we offer. Here in Tesla we keep in sync with modernity, dynamic changes and the latest trends. We are a local company with global ambitions.

Vision and Mission

Tesla considers lighting market as a real means for a stronger manufacturing base leading to a stronger Sudanese economy. Tesla strives to be the trend setter in the lighting industry through innovation and corporate social responsibility. By 2020 Tesla aims to grow the lighting sector through continuous research and development and applying the results in all of our operations.

Product and Services

In Tesla we give an absolute promise to our clients that we will provide products and designs that suits every taste. Moreover Tesla will become your indispensible partner in making your project a resounding success by offering you two resources:
Showroom team: Our showroom team will give you a personal tour through our lighting exhibits showcasing the vast products that we have and help you in finding the right products for you. The huge diversity of our products, shapes, applications and styles had inspired us to innovate the Mentor-Dealer concept which in the simplest form means taking you step by step in your lighting quest, in a unique partnership that puts us together on a Win-Win track to reach our mutual values Pleasure & Satisfaction. Whenever you step in Tesla's showrooms you will find yourself realizing your ideas and that you are not just inside another lighting store. In our showrooms every corner sparks a Deja-vu in your elegant mind.

Engineering team

Our highly skilled and professional engineering team is ready to give technical guidance, present designs and complete lighting solutions using RELUX lighting design and planning software kit. Our designs include accurate information about the intensity, direction and lighting distribution and consumption. Tesla’s engineering team is vastly experienced with villas, companies, trade shows, museums, airports, hospitals, gardens, factories and hotels to name a few. Once the right products are selected and the design is implemented, the engineering team will put together a final 3-D computer presentation to ensure what we implement is fully to the client expectations. The company cooperates with the leading suppliers and manufacturers in the domestic market and exhibits their high-quality products in the field of electrical wires, cables, ceiling fans, exhaust fans, electrical plugs, sockets and distribution panels. Tesla's looking forward philosophy is exist throw attending international fairs related to the lighting field. Tesla was a presence in Light & Building in Germany, Light Middle East in Dubai, Big 5 in Dubai, Canton Fair and International Lighting Fair in China.

Board of Directors